SDG 3 Action: Conduct a survey on living habit

 Observation from conducting Lifestyle Survey:

The below conclusions are based on the responses of the 10 survey results attached above. The age group of the respondents resemble around 12-14 years old.

Physical health:
- Most people eat three meals regularly with a balanced diet to a certain degree
- Majority use electronic devices for a long period of time and rarely exercise.
- Many sleep somewhat regularly

Mental health:
- Majority of the responses stated that they get nervous and angry easily.
- A large part of respondents stated that they often feel depressed and inferior to others
- Great number of respondents stated that they seldom see the negative in or lose interest in things 

- Generally,  respondents seldom satisfy with their current life
- All of the respondents wish to improve some of their living habits

According to the above report, it can be concluded that most respondents have poor mental health and lack attention towards it. In accordance with the results in the physical health of respondents, it is relatively better compared to the results of the mental health section. To sum up, respondents of the survey should take care of their physical health as well as their mental health for better development and growth.

 Suggestions for improving your physical and mental health

After seeing the results of the respondents towards the survey, I am actually shockingly surprised by how poor their mental health is. Many people have this misconception of “physical health is more important than mental health therefore mental health does not matter”. The truth is, they are equally important.

Therefore, I came up with a few suggestions for improving physical and mental health. Firstly, communication. Communication is crucial to a good mental health due to human interaction which is vital to a more balanced lifestyle. Secondly, figuring out your hobbies. Hobbies may not be sport or something active; even if it is a passive activity, it can also be good for your physical health. Thirdly, trying new things. New things are ways for our human body to learn to adapt to something different, which helps us develop good physical and mental health.

Diocesan Girls' School - Alvina Leung