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SDG 2 Action: Leftover food

 Interviewees: Parents and older sister

 Point of views of interviewees

I have talked with my parents and my older sister, and because of the limited food supply my parents had when they were young, they're very cautious when prepping our meals and cooking the amount of food. Before every meal, our mother asks us how hungry we are, since it changes often. My sister and I also go out with friends from time to time, and might have eaten something already.   After cooking and eating, there is usually little to no food left on the table, because of how accurate mother estimates. Dad also tends to eat more than he says and can finish whatever's left. Besides cooking at home, we order takeout sometimes. We like to order food from different restaurants, because it can provide a wider food variety and better food quality, but it's hard to weigh the amount of food, so after eating, there would be 1/5 of the original amount left. We would put the lids back on, or cover them with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge. When anyone's hungry after a while, they can simply take it out, reheat and eat it. We've all agreed on our eating habits, and what we would do if there was food left. My mum adds though, that when the fridge is full, the food left doesn't have any space, so some of them are still thrown in the trash. After a while, the food stored in the fridge can get hard from the cold temperature or soggy from the sauce so we would throw those out as well.

My sister says that I often waste food too. Being a picky eater, I don't favor some of the dishes, but because of the nutritional value, my mother still cooks them. So I secretly throw them in the trash. When my sister passes by the trash bin, she sees the food I've thrown. To conclude, I believe we still have room for improvement, and might need to change some of our eating habits to prevent being wasteful.

Sacred Heart Canossian College - Fong Ayanna Po Suet