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SDG 6 Action: 
Buy the 'unpopular' food

 The 'unpopular' food I have bought
This is a ripened banana that was bought before. It was already ripped when we bought it.

 The meal that you've cooked
This is a banana cake made by the ripened banana. The banana was mashed and mixed with flour, then baked for 10-20 minutes, then the cake was done! It was scrumptious as all bananas taste the same after being mashed. You could also use some leftover ingredients to decorate the cake, e.g. cream, sprinkles and nuts.

 New findings after taking this action.
I learned that it is not necessary to always choose perfect-looking food, we could try to use ingredients that may not look great but are still safe to be consumed. We should not judge food simply based on their appearance.

St. Paul's Secondary School - 
Cheung Yi Ting, Katrina